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With IIoT and Industry 4.0 entering the industry, the demand for Smart Transmitters grows rapidly. 

Smart transmitters can enhance your reliability by making us of diagnostics. 

We offer a range of highly reliable (SIL) transmitters that enable your process to go from "reactive maintenance" to "predictive maintenance". 

People are analog orientated. Our cognitive capabillities seem to preform the best when they interpeted analog information. The movement of a pointer on a gauge is exactly what is considered analog information.

We offer the solution to get local indicator gauges that also provide a 4-20 mA signal for the control system and is ATEX certified.

Some applications don`t require digital or analog local indication, they just need to provide an accurate signal (4-20 mA) that is an equivalent of the pressure, differential pressure or temperature. 

The range we offer with Winters, Mid-West and Aplisens makes that we have a solution for (almost) every situation. 


Precise Performance

We offer a wide range of products for measuring Pressure, Differential Pressure, Gauge/Absolute Pressure, Level, Flow and Temperature. 

Smart Transmitters with HART, ATEX certified, with local and without local indication is just a grasp of the possibilities. We now also supply SIL Transmitters!

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