"Set the point of information"


Pressure switches suitable for hazardous locations including safety panels and with pumps and gas compressors, turbines and other oil & gas applications. 

  • Vac to 10,000 psi pressure range

  • Explosion proof SPDT or DPDT switch

  • Dia-seal/piston sensor

  • Safe to adjust during operation

  • Lockable setpoint wheel to avoid shifting during operation

  • 5 Years Warranty


Often with process equipment, such as filters, strainers and pressure drops it is interesting to produce a switched signal to the horn, indication light, control panel of control room. We can deliver SPDT, SPST and DPDT switches available for Differential Pressure measurement.


  • Up to 2 independent adjustable switches

  • Most designs CE Marked to the Low Voltage Directive

  • Pre-Set Switch Points @ no cost

  • Meet Simple Apparatus Definition (Non-Relay Configurations)

  • 5 Years Warranty