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Process Instrumentation is a critical part of a reliable and accurate controlled system. Serving a wide range of applications our solutions can be found in industrial environments ranging from power plants, petrochemical plants,the food processing industry like sugar factories up to the contractors that deliver processing equipment such as compression systems, turbines, filtration units and many more. 


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From local indication to transmitter and switch

Local indication is found on many applications. For example Cryogenic T-75 tanks, Filters, Compressors and Turbines. Also in plant areas pressure is often measured on pumps, storage tanks and strainers. 

All these applications require reliable, accurate and affordable solutions. Even with working pressure up to  600+ bar we can offer accurate measuring ranges that can suit your application. Do you encounter difficulties with pulsating equipment? We have dedicated gauges with smart solutions to solve the job.


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Trusty & Reliable

When the pressure hits a certain point, a reliable switch needs to act on the situation, to keep the people, environment and equipment safe. A switch can act in many different situations, for example with safety panels and with pumps and gas compressors, turbines and other oil & gas applications. Also in perhaps less industrial environments the pressure switch is often applied for example in HVAC. We deliver pressure and differential pressure switches for many applications and we gladly advise you which switch is the most suitable for you.