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Differential Pressure

Differential Pressure gauges are found on applications and equipment that (can) create a drop of increase in pressure. A pressure gauge is e.g. often used on filter systems to show if they are contenminated. On the other hand T-75 storage tanks with cryogenic content make use of a DP-gauge to show the level inside the tank. Our DP-gauges are standard ready to ship in 2 weeks! So if you need a gauge fast, then contact us.

Pressure (Manometer)

An extensive portfolio in pressure gauges range from economical models to high-end industrial gauges that ideal for:

  • pumps, water pumps, compressors

  • hydraulic presses, machinery and motors that operate in harsh environments

  • filters, regulators

  • paint sprayers

  • and variety of other rapid pressure fluctuation applications


Typical applications for mechanical temperature measurement are heating and air conditioning, ventilation, wastewater- and industrial applications. 

Mechanical temperature measurement makes use of a BI-metal that creates movement by a change in temperature.


Process information a your service

Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Gauges exsist as long as most of us can remember. There are solid reasons for there existens, such as:

  • Mechanical measurement without the need for a electrical power

  • Reliable through time

  • Intuitive information display

  • Measured data is placed in a relative scale

  • Easy to install and replace

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