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Assembly and Calibration

When You Need an Extra Hand

Process Instrumentation makes the process condition measurable and tangible. Often calibration is a requirement to show proof of the accuracy and for example the switch set point setting. We provide services that can deliver reporting on these items, as well as full assembly options where we can fit a 3- and 5-way manifolds for easier installation.

Services, Assembly, Calibration & Accessories


We offer a wide range of Manifolds, Needle-, Ball valve and diaphragm seals. If requested we can deliver your instrument assembled and tested. 

Some examples:



For our product we offer a selection of testing and reporting. Examples of the activities are:


  • Calibration and Accuracy Report

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Helium Leak Test

  • Oxygen Cleaning (GS32)

  • Material certificate 2.1

  • Material certificate 3.1

  • Certificate of Origin (Chamber of Commerce)

  • Material Certification (Mill certificate)

  • etc.


Some processes show heavy process conditions which requires that instrumentation needs some form of protection. Examples are very high temperature, pulsating pressure and extreme overpressure. For these environments we offer all sorts of accessories as well as mounting brackets.

Some examples are shown below, for more information please request for information on the button below.

MW 150.PNG
MW 200.PNG
Aplisens Mouting bracket.PNG